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C. ESPAÑA: Chiva
Fecha: 15, 16, 17 and 18 October



If there is something in AC MOTORSPORT have in mind is that we are part of the education of our pilots.

All our team cares for provide them positive values and a healthy and disciplined education.


Some people think that the drivers are just kids … but for us are true professionals. We behave as such, we being the first to meet the requirement of “professionality” that is so important in attaining objectives.

Therefore, we surround ourselves with the best professionals ready to ensure the success and strengthen our work.


The word commitment is our identity. We are committed to the highest level with our drivers, their parents and families, work, effort, to achieve the objectives, to never give up and give the best of ourselves. We are committed to not disappoint and find quick solutions to adversity…

We believe in the good practice of the sport and the commitment that means.


The competitivity, not want to win at all costs, or teach or encourage bad practices in order to win, but of course it is having overcome instinct, pride and self confidence. Is want to be always the best. And if you are not, fight for it.

Competitivity is also able to recognize when you lose and learn to be humble when you win. Competitivity is a double-edged feeling that must be canalized to make us well and, therefore, we need know to teach, to give us the expected results.

For us exigency and quality are two concepts that we identify and go together, because due to the quality of our full sporting service, we demand more than anyone so that the result is as expected by both parties. The same way, at the drivers, we ask to be demanding with themselves, and who do not conform. It never becomes perfect, but with quality work and being demanding, each time we are less imperfect.


The engine that moves everything is passion, this is the most important, because if we love what we do, already have the most important.

In AC MOTORSPORT we are passionate about karting, motorsport, sports in general, education and training of our young drivers, to see how your little sand grain, helps in the fight for the education of these children, so that, tomorrow, become better athletes and, above all, better people. Because AC MOTORSPORT we are much more than a Karting team.

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